Creating a Budget

Creating a Budget for Your Business

Creating a concise and detailed budget is a vital step of running a business. You will need to track your revenue streams and expenses so you can understand how the business is doing. The budget process can then be used to plan ahead for the next one, two, three years, and beyond.

So let’s start talking about the steps to create a business budget.

*Revenue Streams. What Types of Different Revenue Streams Will You Have?

How much revenue are you generating from your work? If you have been in the business for a while, you need to tally up the revenue that you had in the past.

If you are new to this business opportunity, then you will need to project the potential revenue for the next 12 months to start with.

You can determine if you want all the revenues under one category or break them down into a variety of revenue streams, so your management team can understand which products or services are doing the best. You would get a better idea about how your business is doing with a variety of revenue streams. An example would be a construction company. It might breakdown revenue streams into different categories, such as complete home building, roof construction, siding, windows, etc. But, you might only have one revenue stream in your business and that is OK.

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