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Deciding whether you need payroll assistance from an accountant is dependent upon business development, tax compliance and if the task is proving to be too time-consuming to handle on your own. If you’re struggling with how to pay yourself, your employees, and pay taxes on time, RMH Tax & Financial Advisors, Inc. can help. Contact our office to get started with a customized payroll plan from our Plymouth firm.

Determining your Small Business Payroll Needs

In your second year as a small business operator, you are required to process payroll for yourself and your employees. Our small business accountants evaluate your industry to determine your specific needs, such as whether job costing, contract employees, or other considerations should be entered into your payroll setup. We help you complete all necessary paperwork for your employees and integrate tax planning into your payroll strategy, as these payments must be deposited routinely to satisfy state and federal tax agencies.

We design a strategy to help reduce taxes and ensure the payroll process is as easy as possible for you, the business owner. RMH Tax & Financial Advisors, Inc. works with clients on a routine basis, including a midyear review of your payroll and accounting strategies, and collects employee hours according to each pay period.

Comprehensive Payroll Services in Plymouth

Entering hours worked and paying all employees on time is easy and stress-free with help from RMH Tax & Financial Advisors, Inc.. Clients simply send employee hours worked via email so our team can process the information. Paystub and income information are then sent to employees through a password-protected portal. When you enlist our services, you can also expect:

  • Quarterly Withholding Form Submission
  • W2 Distribution
  • Accountable Planning
  • Mid-Year Payroll Review

Along with the payroll processing, retirement planning or accountable planning is key. For payroll and tax purposes, benefits paid for by the company must be reported on the W2, which is a unique process many accounting firms do not support. RMH Tax & Financial Advisors, Inc. also ensures 401K contributions and employer matching is demonstrated properly on employee payroll forms.

Tax advantages are available to small businesses who plan properly and enlist the support of a qualified professional. During payroll consultations and mid-year payroll review, our team reviews your current payroll strategy, determining how we can best you save money and time.   

Ask our Accountant about Payroll Processing and Tax Filing!

RMH Tax & Financial Advisors, Inc. is well-equipped to help you benefit from a customized payroll plan that meets your needs and supports ongoing tax compliance. For more information about small business payroll in Plymouth, contact our firm for a consultation and a review of your needs!

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